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Free Childrens Stickers

Image from GetGlue

I am a fan of free things.  In fact, it is one of my most favorite prices for things.  If you have young children, there are good odds those children like stickers.  The exception here is children too young to appreciate stickers yet – and that’s okay because what I’m about to tell you about is free stickers, which can be saved for when your little one grows up a bit more and becomes sticker-crazy.  I have looked for free stickers and most of the places want you to fill out a form and join some sort of list to either be sent information or have your information sold. is an entertainment check-in system.  Much like Facebook, you can post what you are doing, but it is in the context of the entertainment industry.  You can check in to the TV show you are watching, the music group you are listening to, the book you are reading, or the film you are watching at the movie theater.  Depending on what you do, you will earn stickers for certain accomplishments.  Here’s a bit of a getting started guide for you to rack up some stickers for your child:

First off, you have to create an account, and you need to use your Facebook account to sign in.  However, you are not required to post your check-ins to Facebook.  Once you unlock 20 stickers, you can request for them to send you the free stickers, so you will probably want to get some quick ones – things you only need to check in one time to unlock.  Comic books are a great group like this and lots of kids like comic books so it’s a double bonus (visit the Marvel stickers).  Any movie that is in theaters probably has a sticker available as well.  Otherwise, the Limited Time stickers are a good place to find stickers you can unlock quickly.  Once you have twenty stickers unlocked, you should submit to have them sent to you.  They take about two weeks to get to you.  Then you have to wait one month after the request to be able to request another batch of stickers.  They will not send you the same 20 stickers over and over again, so you have to unlock another 20 stickers to get more.  I have probably received 4-5 sets of stickers and unlocked 231 stickers so far, which means I can go another 4-5 months without running out of stickers.

Stickers usually fall into one of 5 categories:

Free Get Glue Sticker

Trust me, I'm a Pro
Image from GetGlue

  1. One time check-in.  These might be for a single episode of a TV show, for the premiere week of a movie, or almost any other type of interest you have.
  2. Fan stickers.  These usually unlock after 5 check-ins to the same thing, but you also have to “like” the item.  From what I can tell, you can only check-in to something once per day, so don’t bother refreshing a page and checking-in multiple times in order to get up to 5.
  3. Super Fan stickers.  These are for the more dedicated fans and generally require 15 check-ins.
  4. Cross-platform stickers.  You might have to check-in to three or more different things (like 4 shows on PBS) in order to unlock these stickers.
  5. GetGlue Accomplishment stickers.  You get these for different milestones while using GetGlue.

It is not surprising, but there are not a lot of children-themed stickers.  People under 13 are not allowed to register on most websites, including Facebook so there’s no reason for this system to be geared toward the younger audience.  There are sticker guide websites on the internet, which can be helpful to find good categories for the stickers you want for your kids.  Almost all countries, states, and major world cities have Fan and Super Fan stickers, which could be good for learning geography.

As a bonus, sometimes you can be entered into drawings based on your check-ins.  Most of these are announced on the GetGlue blog, although I don’t pay much attention to it.  There are also shopping discounts available, such as 10% or 20% at a TV network’s shop if you check in to certain things.

I started using GetGlue because there was a sticker available with the Ghostbusters logo – as a preview for the theatrical re-release last October (it was in select theaters across the country only on the weekend nights).  I did not know about the 20 sticker minimum, but am glad I looked into it.  I have three piles of stickers – one for me, one for my daughter, and one for my brother (who loves comic books).


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