Using the Word “Gay”

“Gay” used to mean happy, joyous, and blissful, but over the past few decades it has taken new meanings – not merely as a reference to homosexuality – but as a negative thing.  If something is “gay,” that is not a good thing.  I have been thinking about this small word and here are my thoughts to share: Continue reading


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Free Childrens Stickers

Image from GetGlue

I am a fan of free things.  In fact, it is one of my most favorite prices for things.  If you have young children, there are good odds those children like stickers.  The exception here is children too young to appreciate stickers yet – and that’s okay because what I’m about to tell you about is free stickers Continue reading

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Things women don’t want men to wear in public

This is a bit of advice to any men who half-care about what they wear, or at least don’t want to get in trouble for the clothing decisions they make.  All of the following are off limits: Continue reading

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How Old are the Animals You Eat?

Here’s how I became “HumanWikipedia.” I hate not knowing something. When I come across a bit of information I have no clue about, I tend to go out and research it until I’m satisfied. The other day I was eating a gyro and I got to thinking about the difference between types of meat – why is it so taboo to eat veal, but apparently normal to eat lamb – and if lamb is really a young sheep or just the name for the meat from any sheep. Continue reading

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The Truth About the Illinois St Patrick’s Day Lottery


Illinois Lottery St Patricks Millionaire Raffle

Image from Illinois Lottery

The Illinois St. Patrick’s Day Lottery Raffle is about to be drawn and it offers “the best odds of winning a million dollars ever offered by the Illinois Lottery.”  That last bit is important – “ever offered by the Illinois lottery,” because it is not at all someone’s best chance at winning $1,000,000.  Let’s start with a breakdown of the lottery’s raffle: Continue reading

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Greyhound Racing

There is a shift going on currently in the world of greyhound racing.  The people who had been fighting to keep the “sport” no longer want to keep it going.

I have a retired racing greyhound and I got him from a great greyhound rescue group based in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Chicago, so this subject interests me. Continue reading

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Movies and Popcorn

Popcorn pricing

Image from Steve Snodgrass

Warning – there are graphs, numbers, and mentions of demand curves ahead.

I read an article this week about a class-action lawsuit against movie theaters for charging outrageous prices for popcorn.  Go here if you want to read the specifics.  Let’s start this off frankly – the lawsuit is a waste of the courts’ time and the person bringing this lawsuit is an idiot.

The complaint in the lawsuit is that a fountain drink and a box of Goobers cost him $8, while the same items cost less than $3 at nearby stores (which aren’t providing entertainment).  One interviewed person said that she spent $5 for a movie ticket and $11 for a popcorn and fountain drink. Continue reading

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