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Which is cheaper – using facial tissue or toilet paper to blow your nose?

Tissue for blowing nose

Image from Mcfarlandmo

This is a hot topic for debate, as it was in my office today.  Apparently, the folks over at AOL’s DailyFinance think this is worth mentioning as a way for people to save money on their household spending.  Let’s see if their tip is worth following: Continue reading



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Buying New Items vs. Used

New vs Used

Image via timparkinson

I came across an article this week about the benefits of buying certain things used, which went as far as telling me to “not buy them new.” There are a lot of problems with this article; almost each of the bits of “advice” should have given more information – so much so that buying new items in many cases was the best way to go.  Let’s look at each of the pieces of advice: Continue reading

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