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Why are Zombies so Popular?


Image via kevin dooley

There are a million zombie games, movies, and TV shows out right now it seems. The term “zombie” dates back to African and Haitian cultures with Voodoo/Vodou myths of reanimation of the dead into brainless beings. The film The Night of the Living Dead popularized the current version of the zombie, where an infection is involved and they crave eating flesh. Continue reading


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Which is cheaper – using facial tissue or toilet paper to blow your nose?

Tissue for blowing nose

Image from Mcfarlandmo

This is a hot topic for debate, as it was in my office today.  Apparently, the folks over at AOL’s DailyFinance think this is worth mentioning as a way for people to save money on their household spending.  Let’s see if their tip is worth following: Continue reading


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Buying New Items vs. Used

New vs Used

Image via timparkinson

I came across an article this week about the benefits of buying certain things used, which went as far as telling me to “not buy them new.” There are a lot of problems with this article; almost each of the bits of “advice” should have given more information – so much so that buying new items in many cases was the best way to go.  Let’s look at each of the pieces of advice: Continue reading

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The Truth About the Illinois St Patrick’s Day Lottery


Illinois Lottery St Patricks Millionaire Raffle

Image from Illinois Lottery

The Illinois St. Patrick’s Day Lottery Raffle is about to be drawn and it offers “the best odds of winning a million dollars ever offered by the Illinois Lottery.”  That last bit is important – “ever offered by the Illinois lottery,” because it is not at all someone’s best chance at winning $1,000,000.  Let’s start with a breakdown of the lottery’s raffle: Continue reading

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Greyhound Racing

There is a shift going on currently in the world of greyhound racing.  The people who had been fighting to keep the “sport” no longer want to keep it going.

I have a retired racing greyhound and I got him from a great greyhound rescue group based in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Chicago, so this subject interests me. Continue reading

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What I Learned from “Looks women wish guys would wear”

I can’t help but read these articles sometimes.  I tell myself they are going to teach me something to help my life in some way.  They look like something that would help you, but they are just dumb filler and a waste of time.  You might be thinking this post is matching those same qualities…but you didn’t come here to learn, you come to this post to read my jokes about an absurd article on Yahoo! (even if you didn’t know it).  Continue reading

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