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Hello Earth

I am not going to greet any nondescript world, so greetings Earth and all who dwell on you.  Welcome to the HumanWikipedia blog.  Although I have been known to have a bit of an ego, I assure you I know enough to understand that I indeed know very little.  That’s my way of saying “I’m generally smart, but I can be rather dumb sometimes too,” so if you hate egomaniacs, don’t worry – I’m not one.  I thought “Human Wikipedia” was an appropriate title for this blog because I don’t have a single topic I plan to cover – rather a wide variety, just like how Wikipedia covers almost any topic you can think of.  I have been called “Human Wikipedia” by a few people and it referred to my ability to know a lot of completely obscure and ultimately useless knowledge.

My areas of interest are economics, search engine optimization, internet culture, raising children, cooking, and current events.  You can expect most of my topics to relate to these.  Enjoy!

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