Locksley “Let It Ride” Lyrics

In an urge to hear a song by my favorite contemporary band that also happens to use my son’s name often, I loaded up Locksley’s “Let it Ride” on YouTube, but I also wanted to sing along only to find the lyrics aren’t on the Internet?!? This must be fixed. You’re welcome.

Lyrics to “Let it Ride” by Locksley

Johnny don’t say goodbye

Johnny do as he like

Johnny hey man, alright

He say, “Hey man, alright”


Let it ride

Let it ride

Let it

(Cus’ if it moves you, it moves you)

Let it ride

Let it ride

Let it

(Cus’ if it moves you, it moves you)

Johnny don’t walk away

Johnny he like to stay

He say, “Hey man, okay”

Oh Johnny, oh Johnny

Go Johnny go


One for the money

Two for the show

Three to get ready

Four…to go

One for the money

Two for the show

Three. Get ready, alright

Four. Go get dead

-Chorus x 2

Let it be known that every band should have the lyrics written out for each song they have on their own website.


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When Will “The Avengers” be on Netflix Streaming?

The Marvel Studios movie The Avengers is the biggest movie of the year. It brought in over $1.5 billion in worldwide box office sales and is ranked #3 all-time (without adjusting for inflation, which you should) in that respect.  Many people are anticipating watching it in their homes – either as a rental, purchase, or through a streaming service, such as Netflix. Continue reading

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Chick-fil-A Economics

Economics is tied heavily to chain restaurants. We have the Big Mac index (which is an incredibly accurate estimate of exchange rates) and the Waffle House index (which is used by FEMA to assess how bad a disaster is). So, to turn to the chain restaurants as allegory is almost natural for economists.

Recent headlines about Chick-fil-A and their opposition to gay marriage have brought about calls for boycotts, and defense of the company, but I have not seen a very important word yet, “externalities.” In fact, when I used a search engine to find the string of “Chick-fil-A” and “externalities” together, there was only one result, a blog from CanadianBusiness.com and it has nothing to do with the current cultural topic. Continue reading

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Why are Zombies so Popular?


Image via kevin dooley

There are a million zombie games, movies, and TV shows out right now it seems. The term “zombie” dates back to African and Haitian cultures with Voodoo/Vodou myths of reanimation of the dead into brainless beings. The film The Night of the Living Dead popularized the current version of the zombie, where an infection is involved and they crave eating flesh. Continue reading

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The Next iPhone Killer

Estwing is getting to unveil their latest product to the market and already the tech world is abuzz over whether this will be an “iPhone killer” and begin putting nails in the coffin to end Apple’s dominance of the market.

The new model, still going by a technical name E3-20C, has gotten great reviews from early test demos at the usual trade shows. Some lauded the product’s design and usability:

    “I found it had a really easy-to-use design and it was really intuitive. It worked exactly how I expected and there was almost no learning phase with this device,” stated Todd Peterson, who ran a booth nearby the Estwing demo area.

Continue reading

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Which is cheaper – using facial tissue or toilet paper to blow your nose?

Tissue for blowing nose

Image from Mcfarlandmo

This is a hot topic for debate, as it was in my office today.  Apparently, the folks over at AOL’s DailyFinance think this is worth mentioning as a way for people to save money on their household spending.  Let’s see if their tip is worth following: Continue reading


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Buying New Items vs. Used

New vs Used

Image via timparkinson

I came across an article this week about the benefits of buying certain things used, which went as far as telling me to “not buy them new.” There are a lot of problems with this article; almost each of the bits of “advice” should have given more information – so much so that buying new items in many cases was the best way to go.  Let’s look at each of the pieces of advice: Continue reading

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