The Next iPhone Killer

Estwing is getting to unveil their latest product to the market and already the tech world is abuzz over whether this will be an “iPhone killer” and begin putting nails in the coffin to end Apple’s dominance of the market.

The new model, still going by a technical name E3-20C, has gotten great reviews from early test demos at the usual trade shows. Some lauded the product’s design and usability:

    “I found it had a really easy-to-use design and it was really intuitive. It worked exactly how I expected and there was almost no learning phase with this device,” stated Todd Peterson, who ran a booth nearby the Estwing demo area.

While others were impressed by the features the device was able to allow them to do:

    “With the iPhone, I always felt limited by what I couldn’t do – the E3-20C is capable of so much that Apple decided, for some reason, people didn’t want or need in the iPhone,” explained Courtney Simmons – a graphic design student.

And others praised how the product gave them a different mindset than the iPhone:

    Hannah Gross has concerns that “[S]ome of my friends have been robbed on the train because they had an iPhone, which is really visible and people know how much they cost. With the new Estwing model, I think that wouldn’t hardly be a problem.”

I spoke with Chad Davidson, who ran the booth I visited, to ask about the new features with the E3-20C. He explained that the latest model is extremely weather-resistant, which they found was something their users find very important. The product also has an ergonomic design and a new available color (Maxwell’s Silver).

Estwing has apparently released early prototypes to some industry insiders and celebrities, as the product has been noticed on Hollywood sets and at some fashion runways earlier this spring.

To take a look at all the specs on the new product, visit the Estwing site, here.


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